Monday, February 28, 2005


There I was,
forlorn and lone,
watching TV,
waiting for the phone.

Switching channels,
lacking interest,
paused at a music video,
different from the rest.

No dancing bimbos here,
Nor flashy females fell,
Just an "old-type" picturisation,
With a story to tell.

Piqued I paused,
Senses slowly awoke,
The music was mellifluous,
Not the usual grating yoke. *

Stayed for the video,
Sold for the song,
Folks hunting haiku in my poem,
There's no place so wrong :)

Long poem short,
Many thanks to Venky,
The band was Fuzon,
and er...you are a monkey **

Anyways, went out and bought the CD (Venky's been asking me to do so for ages), and tried to rip it(Venky again :D ). Turns out, I can't! The CD was copy protected. More power to them till I find out a way to do it. Still, I can't think of a better band to purchase music from.

* For those who are wondering, the term yoke is used here to signify the joining of different pieces of sounds that pass for music nowadays. That, and a healthy dose of poetic license ;)

** Mah pom degenerates real fast, eh?



Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Bodyshopping in Bangalore! 

Location: Brigade Road
Sunday afternoon Posted by Hello



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