Thursday, October 18, 2007

Update on the last six months 

Got married.
Moved to a new house.
Was in the US for 2 hectic months. Drove a convertible for the better part of those 2 months.
Went to Mumbai and Pune. Visited Amby Valley.
Attended a Bluetooth UPF (finally!).
For those who missed it, I got married.
Reduced 6 kgs thru exercise and diet (ha!). Gained back 2 kgs god alone knows how.
Came upto this blog update page umpteen times and left without writing anything.
Bought a Nintendo Wii and have reached the pinnacle in Wii Tennis.
Relegated the XBox360 to paperweight.

Will expand on most of the points above in later blogs....but no promises. I think it's better this way to write when I feel like writing rather than a compulsory post every 2 days.


Back again. 

See entry below.


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