Friday, November 10, 2006

The Tokyo Chronicles: Sea Paradise et Yokohama 

Second weekend in Tokyo. Made plans to go to Seaparadise at Hakkeijima near Yokohama. Was woken up at 5:30am, reached the station at 7am and took the train to Yokohama with 3 colleagues.
Lots of rides and stuff like that. Was quite intimidated by the Blue Fall when I saw it the first time.

Face thy fear! Sat on it with mixed feelings. The ride up was tension filled with the announcer counting down the seconds before the plunge. The plunge itself was very exhilarating as I kept my eyes open all the time.
In the end, took it twice. Do Fallen Angels feel like this? Is that the reason why they Fall?

Also went on the roller coaster ride twice. Meh...could have been better.

Roamed in the shopping streets of Yokohama in the evening and went to China Town too. Tiring day, but well worth the trip.

Interesting structures....these Chinese temples. The priests were wily enough to con one of my friends into donating 500 yen(about Rs 200/-). The chap came out wondering out loud if this amount was more than he had put in all his life into temple hundis :)

Oh yeah...most of the restaurants here display their menu outside the door and quite a few prepare you for the shock inside too with wax replicas of their food.



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