Thursday, January 29, 2004

Not so long ago, I was scanning the market for a PDA phone. My experiences with my Nokia 8210's organiser wont' keep me company during my last days and it's definitely not something I would want to go through again. The very act of entring the data+reminder+repeat etc. was so mind numbingly painful that one was bound to remember the event for the rest of ones' days. Quite effective in a very sad, sadistic way.

Enter the Philips Fisio 826. At first glance it had everything I would *ever* need. GPRS, 4k color screen, Bluetooth, 85g., MMS, etc. I bought this one in a weak moment about 5 months ago and have tried to justify it ever since :)
Here's why: One of the basic things I look for in a phone is...an Alarm Clock. Sad, but true. I need an alarm that can be put to snooze and will not let go till it has woken me up. My Siemens c35i did it 2 yrs ago, the Nokia 8210 did it quite craftily( there was no telling how long the snooze was going to be, it could be 1 minute or 5,10,14 or 22 minutes). This had the advantage that I never could really sleep after the first alarm...kind of like how Damocles felt I guess :) . The Fisio 826 was just pathetic in this field. It had one 20-second alarm that was so stupid(no snooze, no volume control, no tone change) that I wanted to smash it against the wall each time it croaked. In fact, I kept the Nokia 8210 to use it just as an alarm clock!
PDA functionalities? Yes, they were sufficiently good and even intuitive but I learned pretty soon that the software that was needed to sync this with the PC was not availably anywhere. At least not anywhere cheap. Ouch!
Still, some comfort was gleaned from editing pictures & downloading them to the phone and waving it under suddenly-green-to-the-gills-friend's noses. Especially the Batman and Calvin series. Ah!!! :D

From here till the Motorola PDA phone...tomorrow :)



Wednesday, January 28, 2004

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is the length I go to keep me entertained.Over the next few days I'll harp about "Technology" and how I seem to ascertain what's necessary to keep me amused. In a circuitous way I'll try to justify my latest gadget, a Motorola PDA phone :)

More on this....watch this space.


woo hoo...my first blog post ever!!!
This is history in the making. Yippee!!!

er.. hmm.. perhaps my second post will be a bit more *mature*, but don't let that discourage you from visiting again.


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