Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Da Vinci Code: Utter Tripe triple sundae 

Brij, getting a book endorsed by you was always the mark of a true masterpiece. Remember Ice Station Zebra? Remember H2G2? Remember Zen and the Art..?
Then how could you do this to me?


I borrowed DVC and finished it over the weekend. How do you say "trash" in Francois? First up, the clues left a lot to be desired.
Mirrored words? Kindergarten stuff! In fact there was a mystery book for primary students in my school library which had this very concept of mirrored words. (and also a brooch which contained the words MAY written in circular fashion which was being argued over by 2 eldery sisters (AMY and Marge) as belonging to one of them.) Basic premise: See the picture and solve the puzzle.

And the clues for APPLE were so obvious after it was revealed that Issac Newton was the knight that I was painfully waiting for the penny to "drop". The "gravity" of the situation was not evident to anyone else. oh well, bad puns apart, what the f*** was the deal with Teabing? Especially the part in which the Teacher walks to the back seat of the stretch limo after "polishing off" Remy presumably to finish Teabing and later it is revealed that Teabing had gone to the back seat to 'keep things in order'. Huh!?!?! JUVENILE!!!!

I had expected a good book and got Hardy Boys (Chapter 20? ok, ok..I am the Villain) teamed up with Three Investigators (JJ, take a bow and then scoot). I cringed at the silly attempts to include more information which was otherwise totally irrelevant to the story (Lion King DVD, Disney's Little Mermaid).

Consolation factor? For a book claiming to be aimed at the "intellectual", none whatsoever!.

Read it at your own risk.



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