Friday, May 07, 2004

Is your CD safe? 

From an article in cnn.com via slashdot.org :

Most people believe that it's the clear underside of the CD that is fragile, when in fact it's the side with the label. Scratches on the underside have to be fairly deep to cause skipping, while scratches on the top can easily penetrate to the aluminum layer. Even the pressure of a pen on the label side can dent the aluminum, rendering the CD unreadable.

whoa!!! so that's what I have been doing wrong all these years!
I deem this a total betrayal of all that I believed in (as far as CDs go).

For maximum longevity, discs should be stored vertically and only be handled by the edges. Don't stick labels on them, and in the case of write-once CDs, don't write on them with anything but soft water-based or alcohol-based markers.

Kind of makes you think of what ELSE could be so wrong in our lives that we do not have the good sense (or knowledge) to realise.



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