Friday, May 28, 2004

Make your own Computer....in 21 days 

I spent the weekend (ok..only sunday) scouting for PC parts to make my PC. Alternatively, a good PC deal by any vendor would also have done just fine.

The current price in Bangalore comes to about 19k (INR/about USD 435) for a PIV 2.4Ghz Prescott/Intel 845GVL chipset/256MB RAM(333Mhz)/Seagate 80 GB HDD/1.44 FDD/17" LG/Microsoft Kbd.

Now, what configuration do you think is the most suitable (economical and reasonably time-proof) for my needs, namely gaming, watching movies and listening to music considering that I already have an optical mouse, CD-ROM drive, a NIC card, a DVD writer, ATI Radeon 9600 (256MB VRAM) video card with TV out and a Creative Audigy soundcard. (Venky, thanks a lot :) )

Also, I am budgeting for a Creative 5.1 speaker setup. Problem is, I have not heard these yet. I have experienced the 2.1 at Venky's place and that was quite impressive. What are your views on the Creative and Altec Lansing 5.1/2.1 sets?

Feel free to use the comment section to "advise" :)



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