Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Gaia has 'got ya' 

Ever wondered what life would be like beyond the solar sysytem? Of course you have. Everyone has. I think it's something to do with the plantation being more envious on the other side of the nefarious dealer of stolen goods.
Anyway, just the other day I was staring out of the window of a moving bus while it was raining heavily. My train of thought chugged along the lines of whether there would be rain (of any kind) on other planets, if and when will man colonise other planets, you know...just the average kind of thoughts after finishing a Philip K. Dick novel. Suddenly, I had a more scarier thought...What if Man is never intended to leave Earth? I mean, what if Earth has some kind of life nourishing force that Man needs to remain alive? They say that Gravity would have been discovered long ago if it has a tendency to shut down once in a while. In other words, some things have to be absent for a while to realise their presence. In such a case, what if you realise the absence of this force only after say, leaving the orbit of Jupiter or after the Solar System?
Man has only been to the moon so far; hence this is perfectly valid paranoia...name one person who can refute it with proof!

We are already overpopulating the Earth, replenishing its resources and generally playing havoc all in the hope that someday we can leave home and settle elsewhere. Imagine the scenario when the news breaks out on Earth that all 18 (or 50??) billion will have to stay home, its just not safe out there.

Scary, huh? :)

Signing off with some topical copy-paste from Pyramids by Terry Pratchett:

"And it was while he was staring vaguely ahead, lost in that Zen-like contemplation which occurs at moments like this, that there was a faint pop in the air and an entire river valley opened up in front of him. It's not the sort of thing that ought to happen to a thoughtful lad. Especially one who has to wash his own uniform. "



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