Thursday, August 19, 2004

Serious thought 1 

Would you give an old geezer wheezing down the road an helping hand? Would you help that old lady struggling with shopping bags a much needed respite? What's that I hear? All of you? Everytime? Wonderful. I have the dubious honour of addressing a big bunch of liars! :)

Now before you all drive down with pitchforks and stakes to my house...quite a lot of you know where I live (or do you, sv? :) ) let me explain. Picture yourself as that geezer or old lady some 10-20 yrs from now. What would you do if someone gave you the chance to "help" yourself 20 yrs hence? Well, all of us have that chance. How many of us take it?

I am talking about controlling your diet and 'committing' some regular exercise just so that the future you can walk a little easier, feel a little less tired and live a more painless life. I am talking about studying a little harder, working a little more so that the future you would not have to worry too much about finances.

But seriously, can you imagine a 20 yr old abstaining from drinking/smoking just to help out a 40 yr old stranger?



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