Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Time and Place 

Took out my trusty old ride last Sunday after nearly a year. The interlude was not quite intentional but after buying a car, I just never got around to taking the bike out. My watchman was quite insistent on the virtues of keeping the engine in running condition by riding it at least once a month. Didn't happen.

Well, Sunday was just one of those days... Went down expecting to pay for my negligence with sore muscles from kicking the Bullet to life. 6 kicks. 6 well timed kicks. That's all it took for the bike to roar to life. Added a can of oil, filled up petrol and filled in air at a station about 2 kms off and the bike was back in its element. And so was I. Could'nt believe that I traded this excitement for the closed-in ride of a car. Zen and the Motor... came back in flashes. Wow! was I a fool or what!

20 mins later, sense prevailed. I was out at noon, the dust was everywhere and, while the ride was exciting, the roads and the rest of the traffic was not. Realised (not for the first time) the meaning of Time and Place.

A Time for everything and everything in its Time.
Ditto Place.



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