Monday, October 09, 2006

The Tokyo Chronicles:Holiday fest 

Am in Tokyo since last Friday.
Got in via Narita on Singapore Airlines...let me start at the top.

Our client needs a presence from our team in Tokyo even though most of our issues are resolved. Its much easier to get things done in Bangalore except for the issues that absolutely need FOMA phones. Oh well, time to tackle those issues. Also, I have to look for a replacement for my wrecked M1000 (ya, dropped it once too often and the touchscreen cracked...sigh)
Aanyways, got the Japan visa in 4 days even with the holidays in between. Ah, the holidays...let me count the ones I had in the past 2 weeks: Sept 29th is the last working day I remember. 30th Sep and 1st Oct were weekends, 2nd Oct(Monday) was a holday in India on account of Gandhi Jayanti. So the attendance on Tuesday (3rd Oct) was minimal. Add to this the fact that Wed(4th Oct) was a holiday in Bangalore because of a bandh in support of the Belgaum issue. I was supposed to travel on the 4th but (wisely) got it shifted to 5th Oct. Not much work done on a day you travel. I was on travel on 6th (Friday) landing in Tokyo late on Friday night. 7th and 8th, well, weekend again. Now the icing: 9th (Monday) is a holiday in Japan (Health and Sports Day (Taiiku-no-hi)). I'll trudge into a new office tomorrow morning.

So in effect, got 3 days on my own in Japan. Haven't met any of the ppl in the other teams yet since they are all staying in other hotels.

I'll blog my experiences in Tokyo over the next month in a more or less regular fashion.



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